The Mulligan Law Firm Philosophy

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                   Clients are the Priority    
    Pillars of Justice

Founded by Patrick J. Mulligan in 1995, The Mulligan Law Firm was founded on a philosophy that every individual client's case is extremely important. 

After many years of practice involving dangerous and defective prescription drugs and medical devices, general negligence, toxic substances, asbestos, among additional issues, our firm continues to illustrate year after year a standard of excellence for mass tort litigation. 

The Mulligan Law Firm has achieved more successful verdicts than most law firms in America.  The Mulligan Law Firm is one of the most successful personal injury and mass tort plaintiffs’ firms in Texas, with a practice that includes injured individuals throughout the country. 

Our location in Dallas, Texas, uniquely places us within convenient air travel distance to legal matters spanning the entire country from coast to coast of the United States.  Our Attorneys routinely fly all over the country to listen to the needs of clients, attend Court hearings, depose witnesses, attend mock trials, and otherwise serve the needs of the Firm’s clients. 

Our Drug and Medical Device Litigation work has achieved numerous victories involving dangerous pharmaceuticals, including Phen Fen, Ortho Evra Birth Control Patch, and Guidant and Medtronic medical devices, among others. 

The Mulligan Law Firm is also very well positioned financially to provide the resources to adequately represent numerous individuals in class action matters. 

The Firm is particularly interested and experienced in dealing with Asbestos – related injuries including Mesothelioma.

Recent victories include numerous multi-million dollar settlements as outlined in the “Settlements & Verdicts” section of this website. 

The attorneys of the Firm are also interested in talking with individuals who have been injured by contaminated ground water and other environmental contamination issues such as asbestos, benzene, etc., and prides itself on helping the injured whether those be environmental injuries or aviation accidents, etc.

While working to ensure justice and compassion for the injured, the attorneys and other employees at The Mulligan Law Firm also work to contribute back to the local and national, and indeed, international community through volunteer and charitable activities.  Many of the attorneys and employees of the firm are regularly involved in various activities that give back to the community.

If you have been injured due to another’s negligence, we may be able to help you and would like to listen to your story.  If you'd like to contact us about a legal matter, please call us, email us, or fill out the form on this site so we can contact you and discuss your potential claim.

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The Mulligan Family Foundation was established by Patrick J. Mulligan to support kids in need throughout the United States, and especially in California and Texas. For more information, click here.

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