Drug Injuries

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Prescription drug injury cases and other complex litigation require significant financial resources and time investment of highly specialized professionals.  Expenditures in both time and money are required in order to conduct investigation, prepare the case through discovery, review and summarize medical records, and prepare for an effective trial.  

The Mulligan Law Firm has both the financial and experience requirements to invest properly in case development.

The attorneys of the Mulligan Law Firm collectively have over 50 years of legal experience.  This includes experience in handling many types of cases from inception to conclusion.

The Mulligan Law Firm is dedicated to using technology to the advantage of each of the Firm's clients.  The Firm invests significant time and financial resources in maintaining computer hardware and software systems that support the requirements of each case.

The Mulligan Law Firm has extensive experience in electronic document scanning and coding, and also employs outside litigation support consultants whenever needed.  The Firm routinely handles cases involving some of the largest corporations in the world and involving hundreds of thousands and even millions of pages of documents.  The firm is able to maintain and employ advanced computer technology to manage and search such large document databases.

The Firm has extensive experience conducting the necessary background investigations in many cases.  The Mulligan Law Firm handles complex and large class action cases that sometimes involve thousands of plaintiffs nationwide against some of the largest corporations in the world.

The Mulligan Law Firm regularly retains expert consultants and witnesses from around the country in many fields such as biomechanics, pharmaceutical drug research, accident reconstruction, mechanical engineering, metallurgy, chemical analysis, materials analysis, design safety, and the trial presentation of such varied technical information.

Although there are no guarantees in any litigation, The Mulligan Law Firm makes every effort to ensure that each case is optimally prepared and presented.

The Firm routinely employs the services of mock juries and focus groups in order to further identify strengths and areas for improvement in each case.

The Firm also routinely expends significant financial resources to support the demonstrative evidence needed to present some cases such as full-scale mock ups, reconstruction animations, simulations, and complex and highly programmed Power Point Presentations.


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