Perhaps you are having pain or other difficulties after having the Calaxo Screw involved with your ACL surgery? 

The United Kingdom issued an immediate recall of all CALAXO Osteoconducive Interference Screws employed in Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) surgery.  This recall took place in August 2007.  The recall affets all lot numbers and all item codes for CALAXO Screws put into the market since 2006.  The device was approved in 2006. 

The Calaxo Screw is manufactured by the Endoscopy division of Smith & Nephew. 

ANYONE who suspects they had a Calaxo screw installed during surgery should contact us immediately.  Even if you are currently not experiencing any difficulties, you may still have a claim if you have a Calaxo Screw. 

It is still unclear if the recall issued in the United Kingdom will be followed by a similar recall in the United States. 

Patients who suffer from side effects due to the Calaxo Screw may require additional surgery. 

If you experience any Calaxo injury symptoms, you should promptly discuss these issues with your physician. 

The Texas, Florida, & California Attorneys of The Mulligan Law Firm are now evaluating Nationwide potential claims related to the CALAXO screw.  Lawyers are standing by ready to speak with you or your loved ones concerning your potential claim.  Please submit your information on this website or email us at as soon as possible.  It is important not to delay as important time deadlines and statute of limitations issues may otherwise completely bar your potential claim and you can then lose all your legal rights.

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