The Mulligan Law Firm is Investigating Potential Qui Tam Whistleblower Claims

If you have information about any of the following, please contact us immediately.  The Mulligan Law Firm is investigating potential Qui Tam Whistleblower claims, especially involving the pharmaceutical industry.

• Pharmaceutical Companies or sales representatives paying kickbacks and inducements to doctors / physicians, pharmacists, and/or hospitals to prescribe or in any manner favor their drugs.
• Off-label marketing of drugs / medications.
• Selling, manufacturing, or distributing adulterated pharmaceutical drugs;  i.e. where the required standards of safety, quality, correct strength, and/or purity of drugs have not been met. 
• Kickbacks or any other fraudulent activity by pharmaceutical companies.
• Providing false data to the FDA or withholding negative information / data from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) concerning the efficacy of a drug and/or medical device during clinical research trials to get FDA approval to sell / market the medication, drug, or device. 
• Manufacturing, diverting, selling, etc., tainted or substandard drugs.
• Misrepresentation of the “federal ceiling price” or “best price” or other benchmark prices that pharmaceutical companies report to the Medicaid and Medicare programs.
• Overcharging on “340B” program drugs.
• Excessive markup on external vendor services and products resold to the government.
• Excessive and unnecessary products and services on goods / contracts sold to the government.
• Delivery of poor quality goods or services to the government.
• Non-conformance to government contract specifications.
• Fraudulently billing the government for work not performed.
• Overvaluing leases or rents that the government must pay.
• Passing incomplete work off as complete.
• Improper billing practices.
• Over pricing of any kind.
• Inappropriate travel grants.
• Wasteful University Studies.
• University Grant Fraud.
• Accounting not in compliance with GAAP.
• Deliberate delivery delay for government contracted services.
• Deliberate production delay for government contracted services
• False or overstated “padded” legal billing for government entities by major law firms.
• Non-conformance with federal wage and employment laws.
• Quality Control Failures on Government Contracted Services
• Double billing.
• Final billing on unfinished contracts.

Please fill out a form on this website or call us immediately at the number on our home page if you have information about any of the above.

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