Link between Lantus® and cancer possible

Insulin glargine is biosynthetic insulin that imitates NPH human insulin and is prescribed in the treatment of diabetes. This is marketed under the brand name Lantus® by Sanofi-Aventis. Administered through injection, Lantus provides a regulated release which translates into a glucose-lowering effect spread over 24-hours.

Side Effects of Lantus®

The usage of Lantus® has been associated with a greater risk of developing cancer and this has been substantiated through studies. On June 26,2009, Diabetologia, an online journal on diabetes published some new research based on studies conducted on patients drawn from Scotland, Sweden, UK and Germany. A look at the German study revealed that the research on approximately 127,000 patients who used Lantus® showed a link between its usage and a greater risk of developing cancer.

The Diabetologia press release stated that, “Compared with people using similar doses of human insulin, out of every 100 people who used Lantus® insulin over an average of about one-and-a-half years, one additional person was diagnosed with cancer.”

Lantus® & FDA

Lantus® was the first FDA approved long-acting (basal) recombinant human insulin analog.   Based on recent studies, the FDA MedWatch Safety Alert acknowledges that those on Lantus® could be facing an increased risk of developing cancer.

The Law & Lantus®

If you or your loved one has been using Lantus® and developed cancer, you could be potentially entitled to compensation. Contact Eric W. Gruenwald, Attorney / Lawyer for more information at 866-529-0001 Extension 245. Never discontinue any medication without the consent of your physician.

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