Zimmer Durom® Cup can cause major hip complications

The Zimmer Durom® Cup is an artificial hip component used in hip replacement surgeries. It has been used in Total Hip Arthroplasty (THA) surgeries in the USA and overseas for hip resurfacings. Manufactured by Zimmer Holdings Ltd, it is a solid metal cup made from cobalt chromium alloy and sprayed with a titanium plasma-sprayed coating. It was introduced in 2006 and has been implanted in an estimated 12,000 patients.

Side Effects of the Zimmer Durom® Cup
The side effects reported with the Zimmer Durom® Cup were blood clots, infections, changing of leg length, feeling of the leg giving away, difficulty in climbing, pain in the groin, joint stiffening, loosening of the cup causing pain or even breakage of the Durom® cup inside the body. Many have been forced to have revision or additional surgery done to correct the problem. Usually, symptoms appeared after 90 days of surgery or more.

FDA & the Zimmer Durom® Cup
The Zimmer Durom® Cup was approved by the FDA in 2006. Later, Zimmer found itself under mounting FDA pressure, and on July 22, 2008,  temporarily suspended marketing and distribution of the device.

It also sent a letter to U.S. orthopedic surgeons asking them to stop using this product. However, this seemed just a cosmetic initiative as it later resumed sales shifting the blame onto surgical error for the problems.

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