Contraceptive Yaz® /Yasmin® Usage Could Lead to Hyperkalemia

Yaz® /Yasmin® is a relatively new contraceptive manufactured by pharmaceutical giant Bayer Corp. The pills became very popular in the US, at least partly due to aggressive marketing strategies. Besides contraception, this drug is also being prescribed to treat conditions like premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD).

Yaz® /Yasmin® are fourth generation combination birth control pills. Yaz® is to be taken on a 24/4 day cycle, a departure from the usual 21/7 day cycle. Yasmin® is taken on the more traditional 21/7 cycle.

Yaz® /Yasmin® Side Effects

The composition of Yaz® /Yasmin® includes a new type of synthetic progestin called drospirenone. This could cause a dangerous increase in the potassium levels, a condition known as hyperkalemia.

Hyperkalemia could cause heart arrythmias which means the irregular beating of the heart, cardiac arrest which can prove fatal and changes in the nerves or neuromuscular system. Possible side effects of using Yaz® /Yasmin® also include strokes, blood clots, pulmonary embolisms, liver failure, kidney failure, organ failure, pancreatis and so on.

Yaz® /Yasmin® & the FDA

The FDA has sent Bayer a warning letter referring to the misleading claims it has made in its promotional material. It states that they make references and /or suggestions about the efficacy of Yaz® but fail to communicate any risk information associated with the use of these drugs.

Yaz® /Yasmin® Lawsuits
If you or a member of your family have taken Yaz® and have been affected by side-effects due to hyperkalemia (high blood potassium), you might be entitled to compensation. This is the right time to find out whether you will be eligible or not. Contact Eric W. Gruenwald, Attorney / Lawyer for more information at 866-529-0001 Extension 245

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