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We would like to hear from you if you received any Metal-On-Metal Hip Implant

August 2013

Please contact us for a free potential claim review if you received any type of Metal-On-Metal hip implant:

For example, we are interested in hearing from you if you or a loved one have a Stryker Rejuvenate / ABG II Hip Stem implant.

Roughly about 20,000 Rejuvenate and ABG II hip stems were involved in the Stryker Rejuvenate hip recall.  Please contact us today if you have any type of metal-on-metal hip implant.

Regardless of the type of metal-on-metal hip implant that you or a loved one have, we would like to speak with you if you have a metal-on-metal hip implant.  Please contact us today as statute of limitations periods may bar your claim if you wait.