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Asbestos Producing Companies That May Have Set Up Trusts To Provide Settlement Benefits For Those Injured By Asbestos, Including Lung Cancer, Mesothelioma, Etc.

June 2009

If you or a loved one worked around or with products created by any of the following companies, and later developed lung cancer or mesothelioma, we would like to speak with you regarding your legal rights.  The following companies may have entered bankruptcy (often as a result of the number of asbestos-injury claims brought against them) and set up trust accounts to provide settlements / benefits for those injured by Asbestos Products.  In some cases, the year the company declared bankruptcy is listed after the name of the company: 

ABB Lummus Global 2006
A-Best Products 2002
ACandS, Inc. 2002
Amatex Corp. 1982
American Shipbuilding Co. 1993
Ancor Holdings/National Gypsum 1990
API Inc. 2005
A.P. Green Industries, Inc.
A.P. Green International, Inc.
A.P. Green Refractories
A.P. Green Services, Inc.
API Inc. 2005
Armstrong World Industries 2000
Artra Group, Inc. 2002
Asarco, Inc. 2005
Babcock & Wilcox Co. 2000
Brauer Supply Co. 2005
Brunswick Fabricators 1998
Burns & Roe 2001
Carey Canada, Inc. 1990
Cassiar Mines 1992
Celotex Corp. 1990
C.E. Thurston 2003
Christy Refractories Co. 2008
Combustion Engineering 2003
Congoleum Corp. 2003
Dana Corporation 2006
Delaware Insulations Distributors 1989
Dresser Industries/Halliburton 2003
Eagle Pitcher Industries 1991
Eastco Industrial Safety Corp.
EJ Bartells Co. 2001
Federal Mogul Corp. 2001
Fibreboard Corporation
Flintkote Co. 2004
Forty-Eight Insulations 1985
Fuller-Austin Insulation Co. 1998
Gasket Holdings Inc.
Gatke Corp. 1987
G-I Holdings 2001
GlT 2002
Harbison-Walker Refractories Co. / A.P. Green Ind. / North American 2002
Harnischfeger Corp. 1999
Hercules Chemical Co. 2008
Hillsborough Holdings 1989
H.K. Porter Co. 1991
Insul Co. 2001
Johns-Manville Corp. 1982
JP Stevens 2004
JT Thorpe 2002
Kaiser Aluminum Corp. 2002
Keene Corp. 1993
Kentile Floors Inc. 1992
Lake Asbestos of Quebec 2005
Lloyd E. Mitchell Co. 2006
McLean Industries 1986
M.H. Detrick 1998
Mid-Valley /Halliburton 2003
The Muralo Co. 2003
Murphy Marine Services 2001
National Gypsum (Asbestos Claims Management Corp.)
North American Asbestos
North American Refractories Co. (NARCO) 2002
Nicolet, Inc. 1987
Ogelbay Norton (ONCO) 2004
Owens Corning/Fibreboard 2000
Pacific Insulation Co. 2007
Philadelphia Asbestos Corp. 1986
Pittsburgh Corning 2000
Plibrico Co. 2002
Porter-Hayden Co. 2002
Prudential Lines, Inc. 1986
Quigley Co. 2004
Raymark Corp./Raytech Corp. 1989
Refractories Co.
Rock Wool Manufacturing 1996
Rutland Fire Clay Co. 1999
Schutte & Koerting, Inc.
Southern Textile Corp.
Solutia, Inc.
Shook & Fletcher Insulation Co. 2002
Skinner Engine Co. 2001
Special Electric Co. 2004
Special Metals Corp. 2002
Standard Insulations, Inc. 1986
Swan Transportation Co. 2001
T&N, Ltd. (part of Federal–Mogul Bankruptcy)
T H Agriculture & Nutrition 2008
Thorpe Insulation Co. 2007
Todd Shipyards 1987
Unarco Industries, Inc. 1982
United States Gypsum Company
United States Lines 1986
United States Mineral Products 2001
UNR Industries, Inc. 1982
USG Corp. 2001
Utex Industries 2004
Wallace & Gale 1984
Washington Group International
Waterman Steamship Corp. 1983
Western Macarthur 2002
W.R. Grace Co. 2001

New Resource Site Available For Those Exposed To Asbestos

May 2009

A new resource site is available for those diagnosed with lung cancer and/or mesothelioma as a result of exposure to asbestos.  See for more information.

Free Support Books & Information Packet For Those Diagnosed With Asbestos-Related Diseases

May 2009

The Mulligan Law Firm is offering free support books and a Free Information Packet to those diagnosed with lung cancer and/or mesothelioma.  For more information, contact us at

Free Social Security Assistance: Mesothelioma and/or Asbestos Lung Cancer Patients

May 2009

The Mulligan Law Firm is offering free social security assitance to select individuals diagnosed with lung cancer and/or mesothelioma as a result of exposure to asbestos.  Regardless of where you live in the United States, The Mulligan Law Firm would like to speak with you if you or a loved one have been diagnosed with lung cancer and/or mesothelioma as a result of exposure to asbestos.

Free VA Claim Assistance: Mesothelioma Patients

May 2009

The Mulligan Law Firm is offering free VA Claim Assistance to those diagnosed with certain forms asbestos-related diseases.  For more information, contact us today.  The Mulligan Law Firm would like to speak with anyone diagnosed with lung cancer and/or mesothelioma as a result of exposure to asbestos.

Social Security Help Available For Those Diagnosed With Certain Asbestos-Related Diseases

April 2009

The Mulligan Law Firm is offering free Social Security Assitance for those diagnosed with specific asbestos-related diseases.  For additional information, please contact our office and ask to speak with an attorney regarding your Mesothelioma diagnoses.

New Asbestos Website:

April 2009

A new website is available on the internet for those afflicted with Mesothelioma, Lung Cancer, and other asbestos – related disease.  The new website, , will provide medical information at no charge and also offer free books, free social security assistance, and free VA benefits to those diagnosed with Asbestos-related diseases.


April 2009

For a FREE copy of Nancy Davis’ “Lean on Me” or Harvey Pass’ “100 Questions & Answers About Mesothelioma”, please fill out the contact form on our website and specify in the comments section which book you would like to receive.  

Please note that these books are available to those diagnosed with lung cancer or other ailments related to asbestos exposure (and their loved ones). 

The Mulligan Law Firm is actively seeking lung cancer, mesothelioma, and other cases potentially linked to Asbestos exposure.  If you or a loved one have been exposed to asbestos and have health issues as a result, please contact us immediately.