Surgical Treatment for Mesothelioma

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There are multiple surgical options available to treat Mesothelioma. However, the method is dependent on several factors. First of all, how is your general health? Are your heart and lungs functioning properly? Secondly, what is the stage of the illness and where is the cancer located?

Another factor is which form of surgery is best. The following are surgeries that are commonly used are as follows:

 Pleurectomy- Removal of all the tumor in order to free the lung and allow greater expansion.

 Pleurodesis- After fluid has collected around the lung and then drained via a thoracentesis, the fluid sometimes comes back. Sometimes talc or other materials are inserted into the pleural space to prevent this fluid build up. There is concern that this kind of procedure may make future treatments and surgeries more difficult.

 Pleurectomy- When surgery to remove all the cancer is not an option, this procedure of removing the visceral and parietal pleuras (linings of the lung’s surface and the tissue that covers the lungs and lines the chest cavity) is often performed. The purpose of this surgery is help relieve chest pain and prevent further build up of fluid.

 Pneumonectomy- This is the removal of the lung.

 Cytoreductive surgery- In this treatment, the tumor in the peritoneal cavity (space that contains the intestines, stomach and liver) is removed. Then intra-peritoneal hyperthermic chemotherapy (IPHC), a special heated chemotherapy, is started.

Surgeon’s opinions can vary on the best treatment options. It is important for you and your loved ones to explore all available options with your physician to choose the treatment method best for you.

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