How Did You Get An Asbestos-Related Disease?

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Many people who are diagnosed with an asbestos-related disease have no idea they were ever exposed to asbestos. There are companies who, even after being aware of the dangers of asbestos, have hid the dangers of asbestos from their employees. These employees were exposed to asbestos without their knowledge. Unfortunately, 50 years down the road, symptoms of an asbestos-related disease may appear. The problem then becomes, where did the employee come into contact with the asbestos and how can he receive compensation for his damages now?

This is why you need the Mulligan Law Firm. Our firm can help you to determine where you may have been exposed to asbestos. We will review your work history, and interview past coworkers and family members to find out how and where you were exposed. Then we will file the lawsuit and name the asbestos manufacturers as in with the list of defendants or people you are suing.

The next step involves the process of discovery where we will be able to gain access to the documents and files needed to assist in proving liability. We will send questions to defendants known as interrogatories that must be filled out under oath and question defendants under oath verbally by taking their depositions.

We will also ask medical experts to review your records to determine what type of asbestos you were exposed to and what products were responsible for your development of an asbestos disease. Our medical experts can also testify about how the disease will affect you in the future.

It is difficult to prove that a manufacturing company is liable for someone’s asbestos-related disease. That is why it is important to hire a firm that understands how and where to file a suit to get you the compensation you deserve!

Call the Mulligan Law Firm. We can help.

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